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Travelling tips

Our region is great for both walking and biking touristic and it's fully supplied with marking of all paths. The forest paths belonging to the Masaryk's Forest enterprise, in Křtiny, neighbor a lot of beautiful pools and monuments of our forests‘ founders.

Moravian Karst
The centre is the Skalní Mlýn (a Rocky Watermill) hotel with an information bureau, where you can reserve and buy tickets to all caves and to the eco-train, journeying the Punkva caves and the cable lift, that can take tourists to the Upper bridge of the Macocha Abyss. The Punkva caves with boat crossing (2 km away from the Skalní Mlýn) can be reached by either the eco-train or a nice 15 minutes walk through a forest. Nearer to the Skalní Mlýn, there is the Katerina cave (300 m), which is not so rich in stalactic decoration, though. The Skalní Mlýn hotel can be found about 6 kilometres from the Blansko town, the transport is possible by bus (2 times a day Blansko – Skalní Mlýn – in the morning and afternoon) or by car, parking in front of the hotel. We will gladly provide Your transport. From the Punkva caves, the is a cable lift to the Macocha abyss. The Macocha can also by reached by feet, when following a marked path.
The other option would be an opposite direction – parking at the Macocha abyss and then use the cable lift downwards to reach Punkva caves).
Other public-open caves in Moravian Karst are the Balcarka cave (18 km) and the Sloup-Šošůvka caves (14 km, the longest cave complex in the mid-Europe). For cyclists, guarding the bicycles is guaranteed at the caves.

Swimming and bathing – a new open aqua-park in Blansko, just next to the town centre. As a closest bathing possibility, there is a flooded stone quarry with a clean yet cold water. About 1500 m distant dam in the Palava district, Olšovec pond in Jedovnice village, about 10 km far away, a roofed aqua-park in the Boskovice town (18 km) and a beautiful bathing, fishing and yachting on about 30 km distant dam of Křetinka, nearby the Letovice town.
Squash centre quite nearby the pension - 200 m
Bowling hall in the town park, about 1 km from pension
Minigolf 1500 m in the recreation area of Palava, nearby the dam
Golf course can be found in the Kořenec town nearby Boskovice (25 km) or nearby Kuřim (25 km on the opposite side).
Masaryk's circuit can be found only 30 km far away from Blansko, the closest motorcycle circuit is in Tišnov - 20 km, and an outstanding motocross areal in Vranov - about 8 km.
The closest private airport is in Kotvrdovice village (13 km), public airport Brno-Tuřany about 30 km from us.
Horse riding on a ranch in Kulířov or on a farm in Petrovice, nearby Blansko.

Closest view-tower can be found in Veselice, 5 km, an open view on the whole Moravian Karst, then Babí lom about 10 km far away, Alexandrovka over the Adamov town, about 12 km from us, Kněžnice in Tišnov, about 20 km from Blansko, or a nice historical view-tower in the forest park upon the cave of Blaník knights, in the „Rudka u Kunštátu“ village, 22 km.

Perches and castles
Nový hrad about 4 km, Špilberk v Brně 30 km, Veveří 30 km, imperious middle-age Moravian perch of Pernštejn 42 km, Svojanov 50 km, Bouzov 65 km. Perch ruins - Čertův hrádek 2 km from Blansko, Blansek ruin about 6 km, a perch of Holštejn with a dungeon 12 km, the Boskovice ruin 20 km.
Castles – the Blansko's castle is engaged as a museum of Moravian Karst and the artistic cast-iron, produced in the Blansko's ironworks for centuries. A castle in Rájec with a picture gallery is about 5 km far away, the Lysice castle 8 km and Boskovice empire castle 20 km from us.
A castle in Slavkov u Brna - Austerlitz, „Battle of the Three Emperors“ panorama from the 1805 and the „Mound of Peace“, about 40 km from Blansko.

The closest one is the above mentioned Blansko castle, then the windmill in Rudice – 10 km, Highlander's museum with the mineral collections in Předklášteří u Tišnova 22 km, museums in the Brno metropolis, 30 km, reachable by both train and bus, and a neat little museum of ironing in Josef valley nearby the Adamov town, about 10 km from pension.
Blueprint museum and production, and a museum of bogeymen in Olešnice, about 28 km from Blansko. The windmill in Rudice – mentioned museum of geology and speleology in close vicinity of Rudice sagging (Rudické propadání). A windmill with a working wind turbine in Ruprechtov, 22 km from Blansko. A watermill in Veverská Bitýška, about 25 km – a chance to try to mill your own flour.

A brewery with a malting plant in Černá Hora town, found already 1530, only 10 km from the penzion. A possibility of a tour with beer tasting. Wine-shops and wine cellars are in Blansko in a great supply.

The western towns in Boskovice with a whole-day programme (22 km) and Šiklův mlýn in the village of Zvole u Pernštejna (38 km) just crave to be visited.

Churches and monasteries
In Blansko, a church of St. Martin and a little wooden church imported from Russia. Baroque church by Santini, and a well-known wandering point in Křtiny, 15 km, another Santini's masterpiece on a Zelená hora (=green mountain) nearby Žďár na Sázavou is 80km from Blansko. In Předklášteří (don't even try to pronounce that :) ) near Tišnov, there is one of UNESCO listed relics – the Porta Coeli monastery – 25 km. A beautiful church can be found in Senetarov, and in its vicinity one can see original houses with thatch roofs. Also, churches in Adamov and Jedovnice are worth visiting to see their altars. At last but not at least, there is St. Peter and Paul's cathedral and more churches to see when visiting the Brno metropolis.

There is an arboretum in Křtiny and Řícmanice, about 15 km far away.

A trout farm in the vicinity of Skalní mlýn hotel (only 4 km from us) – a chance to buy living trouts, a beautiful glance on a big amount of living fish.

Boskovice – wonderfully restored Jewish district, restored Synagogue with a Jewish museum and a well-kept Jewish cemetery. More Jewish relics can be found in Lomnice village, about 22 km from Blansko, and especially in Třebíč – about 70 km.

The Slavonic Epopee aka The Slav Epic by Alfons Mucha an exposition at chateau in Moravský Krumlov – an unique experience with gigantic canvases.